Çelikkaleli Ltd. Şti. was established in 1985 with the aim of providing services to dairy producers

In Turkey, Favorit Çelikkaleli milking systems are used in more than 10,000 active businesses

Quick Analysis

After creating a fault report, promptly generate a quick solution and resolve the issue

Rapid Installation Capability

Quick installation capability shortly after visiting your production facilities

Service Capability

Domestic and international installation, assembly, and troubleshooting solutions


At Favorit Çelikkaleli, we provide solutions for all components that make up the milking system, from teat cups to milk cooling tanks

Mobile Milking


We offer a wide range of capacities, equipment, and designs to meet all kinds of special needs of dairy producers

Vacuum Pumps

We offer vacuum pumps for your milking systems of all capacities and technical specifications

Washing Programs

A washing program that can be adjusted for all capacities and technical specifications, meeting the needs of all dairy producers, regardless of size or specific requirements

Why should you choose us?

In Turkey, Favorit Çelikkaleli milking systems are utilized in over 10,000 active businesses. The company currently manufactures milking systems in a 5,000m² facility. As your partner in setting up modern enterprises, Çelikkaleli Ltd. offers innovative solutions tailored to your business, supported by personnel with expertise ranging from associate degrees to bachelor’s and postgraduate qualifications, constituting 40% of their workforce.


Milking Parlor Installation

Feed Trough Locks


Manure Mixer

Electric Fence Systems

Manure Scraper

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